Vicious knockout artist Veronica Rothenhausler returns to the Invicta cage on April 5th, at Invicta FC 5.

Looking to put the 145lb division on notice, Rothenhausler will look to remain unbeaten when she squares off against Kansas City’s own, Mollie Estes. After recently joining Team Alpha Male, Rothenhausler is eager to earn another Knockout of the Night award while showing she will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come in the featherweight division.

Corey Smith: Growing up, you were involved in a wide variety of sports. What attracted you to mixed martial arts?

Veronica Rothenhausler: MMA was my first opportunity to experience an individual sport.  I had no idea how empowering it could be to compete on my own.  While team sports taught me more than I could ever write down, there was something much different about walking into the cage by myself. Just me and you.  There’s nobody else.  I like that.

CS: After only three months of formal training, you took your first amateur bout. What were your thoughts leading up fight night?

VR: I was excited.  I went into that fight with the same mindset I have now, there is no way in hell I’m going to let this girl beat me up.  I went in there with nothing to lose.  I try and carry that with me in all of my fights.

CS: Your career began attracting attention after a pair of five second knockouts as an amateur. How did each of those knockouts come about?

VR:  The first one (knockout), was my second ammy fight.  It was in my hometown so it was cool to have my friends and family there.  It was the first time my dad had ever seen me fight so that was a good one to have him at.  I came out, threw two jabs and a straight right, and that was it.

VR: The next fight was for the TUFF N UFF 145 ammy belt.  I felt great coming off that 5 second win and my confidence was through the roof.  That is another thing that I decided to carry with me throughout my career.  There was a bunch of controversy following that fight after my opponent didn’t want to touch gloves with me, but it didn’t bug me at all.

VR: Some fighters feel the need to mad dog ya before and even after the fight.  No skin off my nose.  Nonetheless, I dropped her with my right and followed up with a few more while she was on the ground.

CS: Your first professional bout, at Invicta FC 4 this past January, also ended in a knockout. It also earned you Knockout of the Night honors. Do you ever attempt to win in any other fashion?

VR: Whatever gets me that bonus! Just playin’. I’m a powerful striker.  Knockouts are bound to happen, but I just go in there to get the job done.  How it happens is all dependent upon the individual fight.

CS: You train now out of Team Alpha Male. What has the training there done to elevate your career?

VR: I am a frillion times the fighter I was going in there.  My team is the best thing that ever happened to my career.  They are so talented, helpful, and totally good looking.

VR: Why wouldn’t I want to be in the gym 24/7! Urijah (Faber) has really taken me under his wing, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  To train with champions of that caliber everyday is an honor.  These guys are the real deal.

CS: After earning Knockout of the Night honors at Invicta FC 4, you are competing for Invicta again on April 5th at Invicta FC 5. How has your experience been like with the company so far?

VR: Working with Invicta FC has been incredible.  They care about the athletes more than anything, and it shows.  They take care of everything so the only thing you have to worry about is your fight.  I love these guys.  No other organization compares, after all we’re a bunch of girls!

CS: Your opponent at Invicta FC 5, Mollie Estes, is a Kansas City native. Are you worried about any type of hometown advantage? Where do you see the fight going?

VR:  It doesn’t matter where we are.  Once we step in there, that’s my cage.  I’m going to make a statement with this fight.

CS: With Invicta FC recently signing Cris Cyborg to add to an already deep 145lb weight class, what are your thoughts overall on the division?

VR:  I love it.  That’s where I want the big names.

CS: How much of an advantage do you believe your height and body size are for you over most female fighters?

VR:  I was bred to be a warrior.  I’m strong, fast, and instinctive.  Not many girls are built like I am.

CS: What is your mood like on fight night? Do you have any superstitions or routines that you have to perform?

VR: My mood never really changes.  I get in the zone right before I walk out, but I like to stay calm and do my thing.  Apparently I’ve been called out on how much I frown which is hilarious to anyone who knows me.  Someone even called me “the blue collar knockout frowner”! Points for creativity for sure.

VR: I played ball for years so I am a little superstitious, but literally not one person on this earth besides myself knows what I do- but I will tell you it works!

CS: Post fight, what is the first thing you have to do?

VR: Relax and celebrate!

CS: What type of feedback do you like to receive from your coaches inside the cage?

VR:  It depends on who I’m fighting and who is in my corner.  I have Justin Buchholz with me this time, and he knows my fighting style pretty well and we’ve been drilling together a lot so I trust anything he has to say.

CS: When the lights have faded, and the roar of the crowd has dimmed, what do you want to look back on your career and say you accomplished?

VR:   I want to be the featherweight world champion.

CS: Lastly, MMA is as much a team sport as it is an individual one. Who would you like to thank?

VR: Urijah Faber, our newest addition Duane Bang, my cornerman Justin Buchholz, Chad Mendes, Danny Castillo, Lance Pamldale, Joe Benevidez, Dustin Akbari, and every person who’s in that gym working to be better.  Everybody at Torque for always looking out for me.  TEAM ALPHA MALE IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!