Invicta FC welcomes Austrian import Livia Von Plettenberg back with a bout against fellow exciting prospect Cassie Robb at Invicta FC 6, on July 13th.

Looking to erase the memory of her loss to the much more experienced Joanne Calderwood at Invicta FC 4, Livia is motivated to make a better impression in her return to the Invicta cage. Durable and tough, Von Plettenberg is a pupil of the legendary Matt Lindland, and plans to get back on the winning track on July 13th.

Corey Smith: How did your journey into the world of Mixed Martial Arts begin? What discipline did you begin training in first?

Livia Von Plettenberg: I started out with Thai boxing back in 2009. When I lost a fight given to a reach disadvantage, I joked about MMA being a more suitable sport for small, bulky people. Initially a joke, the idea about fighting MMA stuck in my head and soon I started training BJJ. After a couple of BJJ tournaments I added wrestling to my schedule. My first MMA fight was in June 2012.

CS: You hail from Austria, and had your first professional fight there. What is the MMA community like in Austria and in Europe in general?

LVP: The MMA community in Austria is very different compared to Switzerland, Germany or the Netherlands (those are the countries I have experienced MMA training and events in). WMMA barely exists. You already know all of Austria’s WMMA fighters, Jasminka and I.

LVP: MMA is becoming more popular, but to be honest I don’t have the highest opinion of what Austria has to offer. I prefer technical fights over mere brawls and these are hard to find. Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands show a more professional approach, there are better MMA gyms, well organized events and some very talented fighters.

LVP: The UK is a completely different story; they do their own thing and are probably five years ahead of mainland Europe.

CS: You now train out of Team Quest in Portland, Oregon. What prompted that move? At what point was that move made?

LVP: I did not move to the States, but as I mentioned before, I wasn’t really content with my situation in Austria, and since America is the place to be for MMA, I soon realized that I wanted to train here. I am still living in Austria, but having my fight camp at Team Quest Portland.

LVP: There are still a couple of things to figure out; we’ll see where I end up in the future. Team Quest will definitely stay the gym I’m fighting and preparing for my fights though, no matter where I’ll live.

CS: The one and only Chael Sonnen recently had a very successful stint as a coach on TUF. How much coaching and instruction does Sonnen give around the gym?

LVP: Chael Sonnen had left Team Quest Portland before I even got here. He is training at One MMA, former Team Quest Tualatin. My head coach is Matt Lindland, he is the one preparing me for this fight and the best trainer I could have ever hoped for.

CS: Your last bout was a decision loss to noted striker Joanne Calderwood, a fight you took on roughly a week’s notice. What did you learn from that fight? Would you ever accept another short notice fight?

LVP: I learned that my chin really is quite strong. ;-) There is not much to say, I think at that moment in time Joanne simply outmatched me, 9 years more experience is quite a lot. I analyzed my fight though, and worked on some things I wasn’t too happy with.

LVP: I took half of my Thai boxing fights on short notice and never really cared about the outcome; I just enjoyed fighting and wanted to fight as often as possible. After my loss against Joanne I realized for the first time that a loss could actually affect my career, so I guess I would be more careful than last time.

LVP: Even though this loss did turn out quite positively.

CS: This will mark your second appearance in the Invicta cage. How has your experience been with the company so far? What are your goals with Invicta for the remainder of 2013?

LVP: Invicta should be a role model for every other promotion out there, they treat their fighters with respect and put so much time and effort into laying a foundation for WMMA to grow.  I am so grateful for the outstanding work Shannon Knapp and everyone at InvictaFC do.

CS: You will be dropping down a weight class to face Cassie Robb at Invicta FC 6 on July 13th. Do you anticipate any problems with the weight cut? How familiar are you with Robb?

LVP: Not at all, I lost twelve pounds over the last four months so the cut will be pretty much the same as for my straw weight bouts, maybe even easier because my body fat percentage is much lower now.

LVP: I met Robb at Invicta FC4, she seems to be a very nice girl. Skill wise I saw some of her past fights. I’m pretty sure that this is going to be an exciting fight, we’re both pretty scrappy.

CS: On fight night, what is your mindset? Do you have any routines that you perform? Any superstitions?

LVP: I usually just take a moment to sit down, breathe and thank myself for choosing this exciting path.

CS: Who will be accompanying you to the cage on July 13th? What type of feedback do you prefer from your coaches?

LVP: That question is yet to be answered. It might be Matt himself or Cody Isaacson, another excellent trainer from Team Quest. This really just depends on their schedule haha.

LVP: I prefer short and positive feedbacks. Telling me things using negation doesn’t work for me, maybe it’s because I learned at University that the brain can’t process negations in a stressful situation. However, I tend to listen very well during the fight, so whatever my coaches want I’ll do.

CS: In regards to moving to Team Quest, are you enjoying living in America? What types of activities do you enjoy purely for fun?

LVP: I don’t live in America. ;-)   Back in Vienna I spend most of my time with my dog or at the gym. Other than that I prefer quiet evenings, watching movies with friends or cooking together.

CS: Lastly, MMA is as equally a team sport as it is an individual one. Who would you like to thank?

LVP: I would like to thank my coach Matt Lindland and everyone at Team Quest, you are my second family.

LVP: Also, I would like to thank my sponsor BOXHAUS. Everyone interested in high class boxing in Austria should check out Pro-gym Sportcenter.

LVP: Last but not least many thanks to my mother Daniela and my brother Philipp, my biggest fans and supporters.