Julianna Lima Bio

Julianna Lima, better known by her “Ju Thai” nickname, started out in Muay Thai, earning a 9-1 record before eventually moving over to MMA. Proud to be born in the cradle of MMA, Brazil, Lima trains under the world renowned Vinicius Draculino.

A welcome addition to the Invicta FC Straweight division, Ju Thai earned her nickname at her inaugural Muay Thai match, when a fellow competitor shared the same last name. The promoter dubbed her Ju Thai, and the fans have chanted her nickname every time she has fought since.

Focused solely on her own actions inside the cage, Ju Thai looks to use her championship level Muay Thai and improving Jiu Jitsu game to make a name for herself in the Invicta Fighting Championship’s Straweight division.

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