Fighting Words: Irene Aldana

Mexican knockout artist Irene Aldana debuts for Invicta FC September 6th at Inivcta FC 8 when she takes on UFC Veteran, Peggy Morgan.


Corey Smith: What initially drew you to the world of mixed martial arts? What kept you coming back?
Irene Aldana: Curiosity. A few years ago I was looking for some sport to do in Guadalajara, because I just moved in to the city. While chatting with a good friend of mine, he told me stories about his MMA training experience.
IA: I got interested and really curious, so I went to take my test class, since then I fell in love with the sport and stayed.
IA: What keeps me coming back is the adrenaline, the beauty of the sport, love all techniques there are involved, the way you can always be learning something new, the challenge to improve professionally and personally every day.
IA: The goals I have to accomplish, the love and motivation of my team mates, the family we have made, and the journey we are doing together.


CS: You live and train in Mexico, which is somewhat rare in the MMA community. How would you describe the MMA community in Mexico?
IA: MMA in Mexico is growing fast; there are a lot of really MMA talented men and women. Mexicans are great warriors with a big heart. Now the UFC is coming to Mexico and just filmed TUF Latino-America. This is going to be big and great for the sport here.


CS: All of your wins thus far have come via knockout. Are you actively searching for the KO or do they just present themselves?
IA: I’m always looking for the win. I love to finish via knockout but I’m not really looking for it, all my knockouts had presented themselves. I’m prepared to win where the fight goes.


CS: After signing with Invicta FC, what goals do you have within the organization? How has your experience been like thus far with the company?
IA: Everyone working for Invicta has been so nice with us, so professional. Invicta is an excellent company, very well directed, and they really care about the wellness of their fighters.
IA: They make us feel so exited and confident we know we are in good hands and that it’s going to be a very exciting journey. My goal here is to give the best of me as a fighter and as a person. Keep improving and keep growing professionally and I hope someday to win a title shot.


CS: Your opponent on September 6th, Peggy Morgan, brings a similar level of experience with her into the cage. What are you expecting out of the bout?
IA: I think she has a little more experience, and she is a great fighter. I think its going to be a really good match up. I have been training so hard for my debut in Invicta. Like I said I’m always looking for the win but I also know how to lose. Most of all I hope this is a really exciting fight to watch.


CS: What is your mood on fight night? Do you have any routines or superstitions that you have to perform?
IA: I don’t have superstitions. I like to enjoy that moment with my team. Once we have recapped the game plan, I like to listen to music, and just be mentally focused.


CS: Who generally accompanies you to the cage? What type of feedback and coaching do you prefer from your corners?
IA: My head coach Francisco Grasso, his brother Luis Grasso, and my teammate Alexa. I like the way they motivate me, they know how to make realistic and clear instructions that are easy to understand without stressing me.


CS: Aside from fight preparation, how much MMA do you watch purely for enjoyment?
IA: Really often, I love to see K1 , BJJ tournaments, and of course UFC. All for learning and enjoyment.


CS: Outside of the gym and MMA, what types of activities do you enjoy for fun? What helps you to relax?
IA: Spending time at home relaxes me, I love to enjoy my house, spend time with my pets, read, play a good video game, watch a good movie, or spend time with friends and family. Also enjoy going to dinner at a good restaurant.


CS: Lastly, MMA takes a team to succeed alone inside the cage. Who would you like to thank?
IA: First my head coach Francisco Grasso, and my head coach at physical conditioning Fernando Quiroz.
IA: Also a big part of the team my coaches Tito Castro, Iuri Silva, and Roberto Ramirez.
IA:  All my team mates, Alexa Grasso, Hoodler, and Daniel Esquivel. Just to mention some, because they are much more names here.
IA:  To my family for their love and support, to our friends, sponsors and managers: Luis Grasso and the Alaniz brothers.
IA:  All the companies that have been supportive in my career.
IA: I can’t write all names but to all the people that have been with me in this amazing journey. Definitely I would not be here if not for them.


Invicta FC 8 takes place September 6th live from the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri. The full card will air live via UFC Fight Pass. Click below for tickets, or to subscribe to UFC FightPass.