The Invicta Phoenix Series is a one-night tournament featuring eight women.


  • All tournament bouts will be contested using the unified rules of mixed martial arts.
  • In the event of a draw during any of the tournament bouts, a fourth commission official—who was not one of the three judges scoring the contest—will be called upon to determine a winner.
  • No fighter will compete more than a total of 25 minutes (five, five-minute rounds) over the course of the entire tournament. There will be a minimum of 30 minutes between each round of the tournament.
  • Only the tournament final will count as a professional bout on the records of participating fighters. All other tournament bouts, including the reserve bouts, will be considered exhibition affairs.


  • The eight tournament participants will be matched up during a random draw prior to the event.
  • All quarterfinal bouts, as well as tournament reserve bout(s), will be a single, five-minute round.
  • Fighters will be awarded a monetary bonus for finishing their bouts. The fastest finisher in the quarterfinal round will pick their opponent for the semifinals based on the three remaining combatants. If there are no finishes in the quarterfinals, the semifinal match-ups will again be determined by random draw.


  • All semifinal bouts will be a single, five-minute round. Fighters will be awarded a monetary bonus for finishing their bouts.


  • The tournament final will be three, five-minute rounds. The winning fighter will be awarded a monetary bonus for finishing the bout.


  • Any winning fighters who are deemed medically unfit to compete in the remainder of the tournament will be replaced by the losing fighter from the same bout. If both fighters cannot compete, they will be replaced a tournament reserve bout winner. If multiple fighters cannot compete, Invicta officials will determine which of the previously defeated fighters will re-enter the tournament.


  • In the event that a fighter misses weight, they will be removed from the tournament. Invicta officials will replace the offending the fighter in the tournament with a reserve bout fighter. The remaining reserve bout fighter will remain on standby as a potential injury replacement.