Submission machine and two time Invicta FC veteran Ediane Gomes will step into the cage with Cris “Cyborg” Santos on April 5th at Invicta FC 5.

Gomes focuses her entire life and energy on improving her abilities in the cage, and is will allow nothing to distract her from besting Cyborg for a shot at the Invicta FC Featherweight title. Boasting a 10-2 record, including 7 wins via submission, will look to shock the world and Cyborg on April 5th in Kansas City.

Corey Smith: In your home country of Brazil, there is no such thing as amateur MMA when you entered the sport. How do you think that has aided you in your career? Do you see any downside to not being able to take a few amateur fights before turning pro?

Ediane Gomes: I think it is great that fighters are able to gain a lot of experience by fighting amateur now.  It gives you time to learn in the cage, and learn from your mistakes without it really counting against you.  I just had to go in there and do it.  I’ve learned as I’ve gone along, but I’m in a really good place now with great coaches and a great management team.

CS: On a similar subject, you have spoken about some women pad their records with easy fights, and also that some are afraid to fight you. Where do you think the line is between being experienced and ready to face an opponent such as yourself and being afraid to?

EG: I think you have to have similar level of experience and training and number of fights.  Otherwise it is not a fair fight, but if you have that then you should be willing to challenge yourself and want to face the best.

CS: At American Top Team, you have found it hard to find female training partners. Jessica Aguilar and Tecia Torres train out of ATT, but are both below your weight class. What are the benefits and challenges of training with a male athlete?

EG: I like to train with the men.  It makes me stronger and better.  I have to push myself more to compete with them and that makes me a better fighter.

CS: Several years ago, you were Ronda Rousey’s first professional MMA opponent. You took the fight on 10 days notice, and had to drop 30 pounds in order to do so. Is that something that you would do again under the right circumstances?

EG: I would love to fight Ronda again given proper notice and time to lose weight.  I think the fight would go differently.

CS: On the subject of weight, you have stated your desire to fight at 135lbs, but currently are fighting at 145 due to the depth of talent in Invicta at that weight class. Do you still want to drop to 135 at some point in the future?

EG: I do.  I think it is a better weight class for me.  Some of the girls I am fighting now are bigger and taller than me.

CS: Your opponent at Invicta FC 5, is perhaps the most feared woman in MMA, Cris “Cyborg” Santos. You were quoted in October of last year saying you would love to be her first fight back from suspension. With the power to see the future like that, what do you expect from your bout with Cyborg?

EG: I expect it to be a difficult fight for both of us.  I don’t think she has ever fought anyone like me before.  I think I will surprise her.

CS: What has your experience been like fighting for Invicta so far?

EG: I love Invicta!  They have been so good to me and the female talent there is amazing!

CS: What do you do to unwind after a long day of training camp? When you aren’t in camp, what types of activities do you enjoy?

EG: I train all the time and I train really hard.  That is all I am focused on right now because in Brazil I came from nothing.  I don’t think about anything but fighting and winning.

CS: Most fighters list the weight cut as the hardest part of MMA. Aside from that, what do you consider the hardest part?

EG: You have to win and that is not always easy.

CS: Lastly, MMA is equally a team sports as it is an individual sport. Who would you like to thank?

EG: I would like to thank my sponsors- Poundout, Bas Rutten, Fight Chix, Precision Nutrition, Integrated Lab Technologies, my manager Tina Vidal-Smith at ML Management, and my coaches at American Top Team.