INVICTA FC unveils state of the art website featuring entire roster of athletes

Invicta Fighting Championships unveiled their new website on Wednesday, November 6, as the company continues to look ahead to its upcoming card.

“We’re extremely excited about the website,” Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp said. “It’s a lot more state of the art. It’s got a lot more information about our athletes, and it’s more organized. It’s a website that educates fans, and it lets them get to know more about the athletes who compete under our banner. It has a more professional presentation. I see the competitors as athletes not fighters, and the site shows that.”

Shannon Knapp worked with APOCALYPSE MMA president Roger O’Brian to develop the site. The front page of the site sticks to Knapp’s vision of putting her athletes first by featuring every single one of them on a scrolling banner at the top. Visitors to the site can click on any of the pictured athletes, and they will be taken to the competitor’s bio complete with social media links so fans can follow the athletes.

“We wanted to capture Shannon Knapp’s vision,” Roger O’Brian said. “The new Invicta FC website is not only about Invicta FC, it’s about the athletes and represents those athletes in a manner which they deserve. The website is not only cleaner, easier to navigate and packed with new features, it’s of high-end quality. But it goes beyond that, by featuring the athletes front and center, the website honors the hard work, dedication and struggle these athletes go through in order to advance their careers and the sport of women’s MMA.” 

There’s also five stars on the right hand side of every page on the website. Each star represents the champion of one of Invicta’s weight classes. Readers will be able to view a picture of the current champion upon clicking on their specific star which also links to that champion’s bio page. For example, the top star is for atomweight world champion Michelle Waterson. Clicking on that star opens up Waterson’s featured image where readers can visit her profile page, learn about her career and even follow Waterson on her social media accounts.

Another key feature on the site for all the Invicta FC athletes, including the Phoenix Girls, is “Happy Birthday announcements.” When a certain athlete has a birthday, Invicta FC’s website will auto post a featured picture on the main page, wishing the athlete a happy birthday. This featured image will also be auto posted to Invicta FC’s official facebook fan page and Twitter where it then redirects fans to the athlete’s social media accounts.

The site features a blog where Invicta athletes can write about everything ranging from their training to their favorite hobbies. There is also a section where fans can learn about the Phoenix Girls through their individual bio pages, view their pictures, and follow them on social media. Additionally, there is an all-new media section with promotional videos and pictures, and soon the site will also launch the upgraded online store.

Finally, there is also a rather unique section on the site known as the athlete registration form. Any female athlete wishing to get Invicta’s attention can fill out the form, and it will go directly to Shannon Knapp. There are no hoops for them to jump through to get in touch with Knapp. All the athlete has to do is fill out the form. It provides prospective Invicta athletes with a direct link to the president of Invicta FC.

Overall, the website gives fans a much more personal view of Invicta and its athletes. It focuses on who these women are and what they are trying to accomplish in mixed martial arts. The site also signals that Invicta is moving forward with its mission to build up women’s mixed martial arts around the world. Be sure to check out to see what’s going on in the country’s premier women’s MMA organization.


Article written by Derek Ciapala

Derek Ciapala has been following MMA since the days when Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie fought in the octagon. You can Follow Derek Ciapala on Twitter and Facebook for the latest in Sports News!