Fighting Words: Herica Tiburcio

Aiming to make an impressive Invicta debut, Brazil’s Herica Tiburcio is ready to launch herself to the top of the Invicta FC Atomweight division with a win over Ayaka Hamasaki November 1st at Invicta FC 9.



Corey Smith: Other than soccer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seems to be the most popular sport in your home country of Brazil. You took up BJJ at age fifteen. How did that come about? What was the first year of training like for you?

Herica Tiburcio: Before I started training I didn’t understand what Jiu Jitsu was all about, but when I started I could feel how amazing it is. It’s wonderful the details of each position, the adjustments, the submissions. Since the first day I never stopped.



CS: How soon after you began training BJJ did you transition over to other martial arts? And how long before you accepted your first fight?

HT: 2 years after I started Jiu Jitsu I went to Muay Thai. And after that I started to train MMA. My first fight didn’t take too long and I used my BJJ to submit the fighter.



CS: After signing with Invicta FC, what goals do you have within the organization? How has your experience been like thus far with the company?

HT: It was a dream come true when my manager called me and said I would be a Invicta fighter. But my dream is not only being an Invicta fighter – I want to make a impressive debut, grow inside the organization and I want my divisional belt.



CS: Invicta FC 9 will mark your first bout outside of Brazil. Are you anticipating any additional difficulties fighting in America? Any teammates give you advice about fighting overseas?

HT: I fought the very best Brazilian MMA fighters, I’ve fought two weight classes over mine a few times,  and I’ve already fought on television; I’m ready for this next step.



CS: Ayaka Hamasaki, your opponent at Invicta FC 9 November 1st, brings a wealth of experience with her into the cage. What do you believe will be the key to your matchup?

HT: The key is never surrender the key is my heart. I don’t care who my opponent is. I know Ayaka is tough, experienced, but I’m also a very tough fighter.



CS: What is your mood on fight night? Do you have any routines or superstitions that you have to perform?

HT: I don’t really believe in superstition. I am always happy on the day of my fights. Training for 2 months, cutting weight is the worst part. The fight day is the happiest day.



CS: Who generally accompanies you to the cage? What type of feedback and coaching do you prefer from your corners?

HT: Munil Adriano, Sergio “Gato” and Fernando Neguinho. They know me and my game, so they know what advices to give me and also they know when it’s time to motivate me out there.



CS: Aside from fight preparation, how much MMA do you watch purely for enjoyment?

HT: I always watch MMA, especially WMMA.



CS: Outside of the gym and MMA, what types of activities do you enjoy for fun? What helps you to relax?

HT: I like to be with my friends, talking and laughing.



CS: Lastly, MMA takes a team to succeed alone inside the cage. Who would you like to thank?

HT: My BJJ trainer Sergio “Gato”, my headcoach Munil Adriano, Jorge Macaco, my manager Stefano Sartori, and all my teammates, friends and family.


Invicta FC 9 takes place November 1st live from the  RiverCenter in Davenport, Iowa.

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