Invicta FC founder Shannon Knapp scoffs at rumors promotion was allegedly going out of business

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Article by Damon Martin | @DamonMartin


Invicta FC founder Shannon Knapp admits it was tough to bite her tongue and not fire back at rumors that the all-women’s promotion was going out of business.

Just weeks before announcing a broadcast rights deal teaming up Invicta FC with CBS Sports Network, a report surfaced on Twitter that the organization was allegedly done, with no events since October 2023. In truth, Knapp says the extended break was intentional as the promotion made some necessary changes internally while working tirelessly on getting a new TV deal done.

Once she was finally able to announce the partnership with CBS Sports Network, Knapp was more than happy to take a victory lap.

“Let me tell you how hard it was to read that stuff,” Knapp told MMA Fighting. “To read it and just know that I knew something different. Sometimes you just have to stay quiet and let people put their own foot in their mouth, so to speak.

“No, do you think I’m going down without a fight? True to the phoenix, we always rise and find a way. It certainly was not the case nor would I sit back and let that be the case. If Invicta doesn’t exist, it creates a huge hole in the industry. Invicta is super important to this sport, not just because of the women’s side of it but just we keep people honest. I love that’s what Invicta means to the combat space. Yeah, no, not going down that easily.”

As a well-respected industry veteran who’s been around combat sports longer than many organizations have even existed, Knapp didn’t really feel the need to get into a mud slinging contest publicly.

Instead, she just sat back and waited for the chance to announce the deal with CBS Sports Network along with a busy schedule filled with events for the rest of 2024 to cement her win.

“The thing is I’m so approachable, if you have doubts, call me up,” Knapp said. “I’m not going to lie. I’m not known to be untruthful in the industry or a liar. So it’s certainly easy enough to pick up the phone and ask me instead of assuming.

“But sensationalism and spreading non-truths, that happens a lot on this side of the sport.”

As far as the CBS Sports deal, Knapp revealed that talks with the Paramount owned network started several months ago but broadcast rights deals don’t happen overnight. There was a lot of ground to cover before contracts could be inked along with a plan to launch the next Invicta FC card, which goes down Friday in Kansas City.

“It’s been a really exciting time and hard to keep it quiet,” Knapp said. “You sit back and you know what’s coming and you’ve been working on it but you have to announce when it’s time to announce. It’s been a whirlwind since we announced [the deal].

“I think back just before the last event, we started doing the courting process as we’ll call it. A good six or seven months now, something in that vicinity. For me, you can’t share that information. I have a lot of athletes that have questions and stuff. I’m really blessed that they trust me when I tell them I’m working on something that will be a game changer for us and will be great for you, that they trust in that. It’s tough to keep that quiet.”

Knapp says ultimately going with CBS Sports Network was a no brainer when she contemplated the future for Invicta FC, which has sent dozens of athletes off to promotions like the UFC ever since first launching back in 2012.

“They’re a very respected sports network, which I love,” Knapp said. “Just being on a sports network was very important. I think outside of the deal points and things like that, that always make a difference, it just feels like a good fit. They’re good people. I’ve had a really good experience dealing with them and the representatives I’ve dealt with so far. It just felt right at this moment in time.

“Who knows what the future brings but certainly very invested in this and they’re invested in it and want to be part of this family, the CBS Sports Network family.”

With the first event under the CBS Sports banner on Friday, Invicta FC already has future cards set for August, September, November and December.

After working on the broadcast rights deal and a nine month layoff between events, Knapp can’t wait to hit the ground running with a very busy 2024 ahead of her.

“I love it,” Knapp said. “That’s the thing that’s so important is consistency. If you don’t have consistency, then how do you build a brand? I just think it’s hugely important. To have a partnership that provides that consistency is great. We’re excited.

“An opportunity for Invicta to shine and to connect with a potential fanbase that wasn’t available to us and reach new fans. We’re excited about it.”