Episode 10: Invicta FC 17 Spotlight – Evinger vs. Schneider

Welcome to the latest episode of Invicta FC Radio.

Invicta FC bantamweight champion Tonya Evinger has a reputation for spilling her guts, both in and out of the cage. But you’ve never heard her — or her Invicta FC 17 challenger, Colleen Schneider, for that matter — quite like this before.

In the second installment of Invicta FC Radio’s special profile feature “Spotlight,” Evinger and Schneider take fans and host Jack Encarnacao into lesser-explored sides of themselves; from their starkly different upbringings to their outlooks on God, sexual orientation, regret and adversity.

In riveting detail, these two remarkable athletes chart the life experiences that shaped the women and fighters they are today. It’s the most intimate kind of fight preview, as stark contrasts and surprising parallels reveal themselves in an audio documentary unlike any other in MMA.

Get closer to the title tilt between Tonya Evinger and Colleen Schneider by checking out the latest installment of “Spotlight,” only on Invicta FC Radio.